Jane Withers, Hub Cap Annie

Local celebrity businesswoman Jane Withers, better known as Hub Cap Annie, is about to ride again.


Withers, now a resident at Life Care Center of Littleton, Colorado, is featured in the recently released 2016 edition of Life Care LEADER magazine, a publication of Life Care Centers of America that chronicles the lives of seniors in Life Care facilities.


Prior to Withers retiring and selling the business in 2008, Hub Cap Annie in Denver was the largest hubcap store in America, with an inventory of 20,000 hubcaps. Withers and her store were featured on major network and cable news outlets such as CNN, BBC and NPR. She was also featured on “60 Minutes” and in “Car and Driver Magazine” and “The New York Times.” Withers held many prestigious civic roles in the Denver area and even wrote and published an autobiography.


The dramatic story of how Withers built her successful Hub Cap Annie business is featured in the latest issue of LEADER. It explores Withers’ lifetime of struggling with drug addiction, abuse and her very public arrest. In July of 1984, Withers was caught in a Denver Police sting operation that determined she had been stealing hubcaps for her store from cars parked around Denver, including at the airport and the Broncos’ stadium.


Withers used her experiences to help and inspire others after her arrest. She straightened out her life and became a motivational speaker. She also made an effort to employ individuals who needed mentoring and a second chance.


For more information or to obtain a complimentary copy of LEADER magazine, stop by Life Care Center of Littleton or call (303) 795-7300.